Cone and BricsCad (Traffic Management Design) Training

Duration: 3 days
Group Size: Maximum 2 Candidates
  • Cone and Bricscad software is very user friendly and aids the production of Temporary Traffic.
  • Management design. Standard layouts can be produced quickly and even the more complex schemes soon fall into place.
  • Preparing your drawings for your workforce and clients is an invaluable part of providing better service and safety for the travelling public.

COURSE 1. - 2 Days: Introduction to CAD + Introduction to CONE, for users with no or very little CAD experience

COURSE 2. - 1 Day: Introduction to CONE, users must have basic CAD (AutoCAD or Intellicad or Bricscad) experience

  • All training is on individual computers equipped with the latest CONE software and the CAD engine is BricsCad
  • AutoCAD and Intellicad users please note that BricsCad is a top quality AutoCAD compatible low cost CAD package. BricsCad has a similar feel to AutoCAD and most Bricscad commands and functions work exactly the same as in AutoCAD. BricsCad reads and writes .DWG files up to DWG 2010