Gate Person Airlock Installer/Operator

Duration: ½ Day Classroom training.
Group Size: Maximum 12 delegates.

Who should attend: Operatives who are required to be involved with the installation, operation and removal of the gate arrangement including airlocks and associated access signage.

Anyone who requires awareness of Airlock installations, operation and removal of the gate.

Course Aims: this course is to enable Learners to work effectively and efficiently in the workplace.

Pre-Requisites: All learners MUST hold a valid NHSS 12 TTMBC qualification as a minimum, any other NHSS 12 qualification is acceptable (excluding T7)

The course will cover:

  • Safety and Risks
  • Requirements and Signing Layouts
  • Sequence for Installation of an Airlock
  • Operating an Airlock
  • Multiple Entry Points with One Crew
  • Dealing with Incidents and Incursions
  • Completion of Works Sequence – Removing an Airlock

Course Objectives:

On completion of the session delegates will: -

Be aware of:

  • Risks during airlock operations.
  • Plant vehicle interface.
  • Safe industry operational procedures
  • Minimum standards

Have knowledge of:

  • Equipment used to create a 'gate' or airlock.
  • Requirements and role of the gate person
  • Risks in connection with the role
  • Industry guidance relating to airlocks.
  • Use of technology to manage incursions.


The card is valid for five years. The card is renewable upon application, providing the requirements are met.