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Independent Temporary Traffic Management Audits

To ensure your Traffic Management crews and Sub-Contractors meet the required standard on-site, we can offer to carry out an Independent Traffic Management Audit.

The audit, which can take place during the day or night, reviews the site to ensure compliance with current standards and regulations and meets the highest standard for site personnel and the travelling public.

All Audits are recorded and photographed on our Audit Form and emailed to you direct. Each Audit will highlight any issues and agreed solutions to rectify.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a necessary service to ensure the safe passing of vehicles and pedestrians around a point of disruption.

To guarantee effective traffic control and smooth traffic flow, it's essential to formulate a robust traffic management design before the work gets underway. With over ten years of experience in the traffic management industry, Keep Right can provide temporary traffic management plans in full-colour hard copies on A4 through to A0 paper size. Electronic and PDF formats are also available.

Our traffic management designs are highly detailed and easy to implement by utilising the latest Cone Design Software. Keep Right can offer traffic management designs for any size of contract within the UK, so whether you are looking for traffic management solutions on busy motorways or quiet country roads, Keep Right is here to help.

What is Traffic Management?

Often referred to as road traffic control, traffic management is a traffic operation that is set up to safely direct pedestrians and manage traffic around an area of disruption. This disruption can come in many forms, including:

  • A traffic accident
  • Road works
  • Lane closures
  • Local events
  • Construction work
  • Traffic congestion

By implementing a safe traffic management process, the risk of accidents occurring is reduced dramatically. Traffic management also allows the work or event to carry on undisturbed, making it a key operation for businesses, local authorities and the general public.

Why is Traffic Management important?

Without a properly planned traffic management system, there is a significant risk to public safety. On busy roads such as highways and motorways, crashes and accidents can easily happen if the point of disruption is not correctly signed, controlled and managed.

Poor traffic management solutions can cause congestion for local communities, impact road users and cyclists, and negatively disrupt people's daily lives. An effective traffic management plan will ensure a smooth traffic flow with minimum disruption to the general public. The best traffic management plans will also give thought to the surrounding environment of the site.

How to implement successful traffic management solutions?

The design stage is the first and most crucial stage of a successful traffic management plan. Keep Right uses digital technology and the latest Cone Development Software to form a robust and efficient design for every one of our clients.

Our plans will walk you through all the logistics and safety measures needed for a successful implementation. In addition, we provide detailed descriptions and drawings, which include essential information on all the necessary equipment to carry out effective traffic management work. This equipment will be items such as:

  • Traffic lights
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Traffic signs
  • Variable message signs
  • Cones and guarding

What is involved in the traffic management planning stage?

Traffic management design and planning is undoubtedly a key component in implementing an effective and efficient traffic management system. If you choose to opt for Keep Right's design and planning service, we will cover all of the following areas:

  • Detailed Risk Assessment
  • Design and layout of the current road system
  • Pedestrian movement & walkways
  • Users and visitors of and to the site
  • Parking for employees
  • Vehicle movements in and around the site
  • The local environment
  • Proximity to high traffic areas such as hospitals and schools
  • Permission planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Maintenance
  • Safety planning
  • Work efficiency

What traffic management services do we offer?

As experienced Traffic Management Consultants, Keep Right offers a concept to completion service for traffic management. We can advise how best to set up your traffic management system and provide clients with detailed plans to carry out sufficient road traffic control.

This traffic management design service is a popular option for many of our clients who may have the workers and equipment to carry out traffic management but lack an experienced traffic designer. Having proper organisation and planning in place before the work begins is essential to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Keep Right can also provide fully qualified traffic safety officers and workers for your traffic management project if needed. We boast an experienced team and can work with all types of employers, including:

  • Private agencies
  • Local authorities and councils
  • Police and emergency services

Get in touch

For a professional traffic management approach from design through to completion, get in contact with Keep Right today. We look forward to delivering a robust traffic management solution that works for you.

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