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Traffic Safety & Control Officers

Keep Right can supply fully qualified Traffic Safety and Control Officers (Lantra approved -TSCO) for all our major clients. Our Traffic Officers are experienced and come fully trained with a high level of competency in traffic control, road safety and traffic management.

Through the use of Traffic Safety & Control Officers, Keep Right can provide a full and safe traffic management service. Whether you need traffic management design, planning or a full implementation, Keep Right has the experience and means to assist you with every step of the process.

What does a Traffic Officer do?

A Traffic Officer provided by Keep Right works in much the same way as a national highways Traffic Officer, but they are designated specifically to help your traffic management site instead of the general maintenance of a public highway.

The main ways a National Highways Traffic Officer will help your site is:

  • Assist in the layout and design of traffic management systems
  • Help manage incidents
  • Recognise potential traffic flow issues
  • Reduce and react to incident-related congestion
  • Implement temporary speed limits
  • Deal with potential criminal activity
  • Keep road users safe
  • Liaise with network agencies and local councils
  • Work closely with police and emergency services
  • Assist with road markers
  • Help remove damaged and abandoned vehicles
  • Reduces the risk of secondary incidents

A Traffic Officer's primary duty is to help improve safety for your traffic management site. Although they can assist in acts related to traffic signs or electronic message signs, when provided by Keep Right, your Traffic Officers will be focused on the continued safety of the site and reacting to any unforeseen incidents that may happen on or around the site.

Traffic Officers are also well versed in the various traffic acts and laws that are important to know when working with traffic management. Some of the most common acts relating to Traffic Officers are:

  • The Traffic Management Act (2004)
  • The Road Traffic Act (1988 & 1991)

What are the benefits of having a Traffic Officer?

By having a designated Traffic Officer, or Traffic Officers, on your site, you will be benefiting from their extensive traffic management knowledge and experience. If any issues occur with your design implementation, your Traffic Officer can provide instant assistance. Keep Right is always in contact with our Traffic Control Officers, meaning we can provide direct support at every stage of the process if need be.

The main benefits of choosing National Highway Traffic Officers from Keep Right are:

  • Professional onsite support
  • Help with unforeseen incidents
  • Direct point of contact with the emergency services
  • Safety critical role
  • Improved safety of the site
  • Additional support in the management of traffic and congestion

Working on Motorways

A lot of traffic management work is carried out on high-speed motorways and highways. These can be challenging sites to manage, with high volumes of fast-moving traffic passing by. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust and properly signed traffic management system and have a Traffic Officer who is aware of the necessary safety guidelines.

Having a Traffic Safety Officer will help you deal with complicated issues, such as; vehicle recovery, statutory removal, use of emergency vehicles and speed limit management.

With Traffic Officers dedicated to your site, you can rest assured that all the proper regulations and safety protocols will be followed and implemented. No need to stress over a missed step or a lack of traffic law knowledge, your team of designated Traffic Officers will keep you on the right road, quite literally.

Traffic Officers from Keep Right

As well as designing a comprehensive traffic management plan, Keep Right can also handle the full installation of your traffic management system and provide experienced Traffic Officers to ensure a smooth set-up and seamless running of the operation.

With their extensive knowledge of the strategic road network and highway traffic control measures, hiring Traffic Safety Officers from Keep Right is the smartest move to make when looking to implement a traffic management system.

Contact us here to get a bespoke traffic management service or inquire further about hiring a Keep Right Traffic Officer. We'd be delighted to talk through your needs a find a workable solution for your project.

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